Happy New Year!!!

Especially the past few years I find myself giddy with hope and excitement this time of year. Reflecting back on all the adventures I’ve immersed myself in the prior year leaves me breathlessly waiting, looking forward to what will happen in the upcoming year.

The past three years have been the best of my life. And its not that everything has gone my way or I’ve had some large windfall. I’ve had plenty of disappointments large and small. I’ve lost friendships, ended romantic relationships, been dumped, been stressed and overloaded at work, lost a cat, had ginormous debts to pay. They have been the best years of my life because I have taken charge of my life and the direction its heading. Even when things happened that were out of my control, I controlled my reaction to them. I mourned and moved on. I didn’t try to change the unchangeable like I have in the past. That I think has been the key to my happiness. Changing what I can and accepting what is not for me to change with a quiet and peaceful heart. I think of this as honoring who I am and who the people in my life are.

Even as I feel this sense of impending adventure I think about how lucky I am. My health is good, I have a good job and feel secure in it and I have the best support system I have ever had in my life. I wonder is this luck or karma? I think both. I believe in karma. I believe that you get back from those around you what you send out. If you send out happiness, support, kindness, humor, forgiveness, those things come back to you. If you send out doubt, anger, helplessness, impatience, hatred, guess what you’ve got coming back at you?

But I also think that luck is a player. Luck played a role when the 24 year old son of a man at work was struck and killed by a car this month. Luck plays a role every time someone who takes care of themselves gets sick with cancer, multiple sclerosis or Parkinsons. So I feel lucky to be alive, healthy and living to see 2014.

My New Year’s wish for all of you is that you try something new often, even especially if it scares you, take notice of the people around you and don’t miss an opportunity to show them kindness and share your joy in life with them.
And most of all, get to know who you are. Honor who you are and either honor and accept each person in your life or let them go. I have found no other way to peace and happiness.

Peace out 2013!

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