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Really guys? We still have to explain this one?

Here let me take a stab at it: Let’s say American’s as a group start ostracizing and limiting the resources of people that like to eat mangoes.  Maybe they can’t have a job because they eat mangoes, they have a … Continue reading

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There’s all kinds of addictions in this world.  You can be addicted to cigarettes, candy, heroin, sex, video games, the Internet, pornography, television, caffeine, painkillers, exercise, gambling, food, tanning, cosmetic surgery, the chase.  You can be a hoarder, shopaholic, workaholic, … Continue reading

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5K = Ran it..

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This is a pretty insightful post on how our self-images are formed by often casual comments made by others. Its helping me to reconsider things I’ve always thought about my body and evaluate why I think that way.

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