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Phishing for phones

I’ve been trying to sell my Samsung S3 on eBay since I now have a company phone (an S4 Yay!). The first time I listed it the high bidder said that they ‘bid on accident’. So I re-listed it. Nobody … Continue reading

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Why domestic violence victims don’t leave

Of any book or video I’ve seen this video does the best of explaining why women stay in an abusive relationship and why they are scared to leave.   I identify when Leslie says ‘I never once thought of myself … Continue reading

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Man of Steel

I find the newest Man of Steel an over-exaggerated version of what a man should look like. Nothing against Henry Cavill.  At 6′ 1″ with chiseled muscles, strong jaw, broad shoulders his angular face has perfect, even features. He’s a … Continue reading


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I think we all suffer from that little voice in our heads that says we aren’t enough at times. I know it creeps into my subconscious sometimes when I’m preoccupied with other things. I’m feeling good and then suddenly I’m … Continue reading

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