2014 Where did you go?

The past year has flown by. I’ve tried some new things this year like downhill skiing, rock climbing (not for me), zip lining. I’ve climbed more mountains and become an aspiring ADK 46er.

Sun coming up over the Grand Canyon as we started out on our descent.

Sun coming up over the Grand Canyon as we started our descent.

I climbed the Grand Canyon from the top of the rim to the Colorado River and back to the top in one day. I’ve visited three states that I’ve never been to before. I moved my department at work into a new building and added a new manager to my staff. I had to fire a long time employee that wasn’t able to keep up with the changing skill set needed in our fast moving environment. I’ve learned to be a better manager.

And I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this exciting new relationship with JJ. I’ve managed to keep my identity and become part of a couple. I feel whole by myself and whole when I’m with him. He doesn’t ‘complete’ me. He ‘complements’ me. I feel no anxiety about this relationship or my status with him. I feel loved, desired and maybe most important of all liked. We have been on many adventures this year and also spent many hours quietly with his family and friends and mine. Everything with this man just feels right. He’s mature, kind, funny, sexy and requires virtually nothing from me except what I freely give. I’ve never been so comfortable and confident with someone before.

As we start another new year I find myself reflecting and taking inventory of my feelings, desires and emotional state. If I’m honest I’m not taking enough time to reflect and think quietly these days. Its obvious when you see the lack of posts here on this blog. Reflection and writing keeps me peaceful. I need to get back to reflective thinking. I’ll figure out a way to make more down time for myself this year.

I am eagerly looking forward to this year and know that it will fly by in a flash. I will try to focus on the moments and savor them so the memories linger long after 2015. Its going to be a life changing year. JJ and I will be buying a house together and possibly more. I couldn’t be happier with the direction my life is taking.

My life is filled with people who lift me up, enough gratitude to keep me grounded and a belief that more of all these wonderful things are ahead. I wish the same peace for you in 2015.

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