I once had a boss who had a list of 37 rules he lived by. In the normal course of the day you might be having a conversation with him about work or life and he would say “This reminds me of one of the 37 rules.” And he would share the rule and then launch into how it was related. Generally I would laugh uncomfortably when one of the rules would come up. And sadly I can’t remember a single one of his rules.

Now as I sit here thinking about boundaries, what’s important to me and what I’m not willing to compromise on, I remember the 37 rules. The 37 rules were basically his values. What he lived his life by. At some point he had taken the time to define them, commit them to paper and memorize them in order. Perhaps that grumpy man was onto something….

Now I ponder what should be my rules to live by? I want to get them on paper, so I can remind myself, study them and become them. It seems like a simple task but I’ve been sitting here scratching my head with a blank piece of paper in front of me for an hour.

Who the f@$% am I?

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