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So a couple weeks ago I asked JJ if he believed in ‘soul mates’. A discussion ensued and I wanted to send him a link to this post that I had a link to in my blog back in July. … Continue reading

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Having ‘that talk’ with someone always sucks

Being a manager is not something that I have any natural ability for. I’m more of the doer, follower type. And I became a manger probably the only way I possibly could. I started in my current position as the … Continue reading

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There’s all kinds of addictions in this world.  You can be addicted to cigarettes, candy, heroin, sex, video games, the Internet, pornography, television, caffeine, painkillers, exercise, gambling, food, tanning, cosmetic surgery, the chase.  You can be a hoarder, shopaholic, workaholic, … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m heading into another period of my life where I am at peace.  I feel a sense of calm and rightness in my life.  I feel like I can start to let go and just let what … Continue reading

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Raising Girls

I’ve given a lot of thought to how and why I spent so many years trying to please a man that was unpleaseable.  I’ve determined that some of the reason is a feeling of unworthiness.  I felt like I didn’t … Continue reading

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Invisible Glass Ceilings

We’ve made so much progress in this world for women but I can tell you there are still glass ceilings.  Today’s glass ceilings are less obvious, you can miss them if you aren’t paying attention. At my company I head … Continue reading

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Hard Stuff

Its a powerful feeling to do something that you aren’t quite sure you can. I find myself doing this more and more. The rush of power I feel after I do what I didn’t know I could do is addicting. … Continue reading

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