5K: T-6


Only six days till I run my first 5K.  I’ve been training for about seven weeks. An app called RunDouble has been leading me through the training. Since I’ve been finding it hard to make the time to train I’ve skipped some of the runs in the training so I could meet my deadline. Luckily I seem to be in good enough shape to get away with that. On Monday when I last ran I decided to give up at 2.5 miles, I was exhausted. When I realized that if I stopped my run before the distance I had programmed into my app, 2.75 miles, it would erase the run like it never happened, I started running again. I wasn’t going to lose credit for the whole run. I made it 2.75 miles.

My hip has been hurting and over the past week or two it started to include the right side and back. Three days ago I thought I MIGHT have UTI even though I didn’t have terrible symptoms. I don’t have a regular doctor so I went to the local walk-in place. The PA that I saw there said there was blood in my urine and put me on Cipro. He was too busy acting all flirty toward me to give me a thorough exam like tapping my kidneys. I told him that I was having pain in my stomach on my right side and showed him. He dismissed it saying that if it was related it would be my back and never bothered to investigate. And I was already convinced my back pain was from running or roller derby so I didn’t mention it. But later that same day I was probing my back trying to figure out just what was wrong with me and I tapped probably on my right kidney and and yelped in pain. It hurt for a few hours. So I think I probably have/had a kidney infection. The good news is after two days on the Cipro my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Just my hip again.

However, on Wednesday in derby class I hurt my knee. At first I thought it was just a bit strained and in a day or two it would be better. Yesterday after walking around Ottawa all day it became apparent that it wasn’t getting better, only worse. Then last night every time I rolled over I was woken up by knee pain. So I probably won’t be getting in that three mile run I was counting on doing before the actual race day. I need to rest my knee so that hopefully I can actually do the race on Saturday. I feel like an old woman preoccupied by all these aches and pains. So….

I’m thinking about taking some swimming lessons. I suffered through 6 years of swim lessons in JR/SR high school and still can barely keep myself adrift. Maybe as a more confident adult I can make it happen. I’d like to be able to confidently go Stand Up Paddle Boarding. And secretly I think Triathlon…. Yeah baby. I can run. I can bike. I need to swim. Maybe just maybe in 2014 I will become an Iron Girl.

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2 Responses to 5K: T-6

  1. Karen says:

    You go girl. I have faith in you!

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