Derby, Baby!

My philosophy of the last few years of trying anything that catches my interest as led me to roller derby. Derby Lite that is. TG introduced me to roller derby last year. We went to all the local games and even traveled to NYC to see the Gotham Girls, namely Suzy Hotrod. It’s a fast paced sport and thanks to TG I understand the rules. Last fall they were advertising in the program at a local derby game about a new exercise class called Derby Lite. I thought what a cool way to get some exercise and meet some new active friends. I had already learned to roller blade and was getting comfortable on the inline skates. I immediately went home and emailed the contact in the program saying I was interested.

Finally in January they had their information session. I went and heard what they had to say. I explained that I didn’t want to do anything to get hurt but I thought this sounded like a fun way to get exercise. They said it wasn’t a contact derby game but an exercise class. I would get grabbed but not pushed or knocked around – on purpose.

I was nervous but living by my life’s quest to take fear out of the equation I decided to give it a try. I saw a group of interesting women who were active and interested in a kind of sisterhood. I had always craved having a group of female friends but since I’m not good in groups that has never happened. I get quiet, I let others talk, I let others have the attention and therefore become less and less part of a group. I decided to try to be different this time.

The first class I fell backwards all the way down immediately after putting my skates on. Then two more times I fell inappropriately. They taught us how to fall appropriately. Drop to a knee, drop to all fours or a six point fall which is down on your knees and out flat. I found that falling to a knee was the easiest way for me to stop on skates. I try to practice on the skates one day a week in addition to the class and I think I’m starting to look less and less like a baby giraffe on skates.

Me on the naughty girl bench.

Me on the naughty girl bench.

So far the class has turned into everything I hoped for. Cool ladies who live an active lifestyle, a fun class that flies by and opportunities to do extra-curricular activities with the people involved in the program. I went out to dinner with some of the ladies a couple times after class and I did my best at staying engaged in the conversation and interacting with everyone. That kind of environment is an effort for me but I’m hoping if I work at staying in the moment with the group will become second nature.

What would you do if you took fear out of the equation?

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